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Tahitian pearls and feeling stupid....?

Misty, This is gonna be short and I hope sweet. Recognizing that one
does not know all that can be known is a step toward wisdom. Your
inquisitive nature is an indication of intelligence not stupidity.
It takes work and experience to gain wisdom in any field but any day
that you do not learn something new is a wasted day. Don’t let
feelings of inadequacy hinder your pursuit of knowledge. It’s an old
cliche but true nontheless," The only stupid question is the one
that never gets asked." In my opinion, for what it’s worth, you
should revel in your lack of knowledge but only if you are working
to gain more. Learning is an adventure to be approached with joy,
not self reproach. Have fun in your quest for knowledge. Be brave!
Life is an adventure that only ends when you die, and even that is
open to discussion. I suffer from serious feelings of inadequacy
myself but I have no intentions of letting that stop me any longer.
It has held me back for far too long and over the years I’ve learned
that, in many cases, I know a lot more than I give myself credit
for. I’m sure you have much to offer yourself. You’re not stupid,
you’re just learning. That’s good!