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Tack Welding Fine Silver to Argentium Silver

I need some help. I’d like to attach Fine Silver mesh to Argentium Silver. I’m wondering if it can be done with a Tack Welder? I did do it with a oxy/propane torch… but, it was very frustrating as trying to control the heat … without melting the fine silver… was close to impossible. Can anyone suggest a machine (trying to keep expenses down) that would work?

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If I were doing it I’d lay a piece of titanium over the mesh leaving the part to be soldered exposed. Or maybe use Kool Jewel or the like. Then just use easy solder.

I have a PUK but it’s challenging to Wells silver with it. Now if I still had access to a laser…

I’m curious why you’re making the mesh out of fine silver. Why not make it out of Argentium, which fuses well I believe. Or make the mesh by colloidal soldering, which needs lower heat than fusing.

The titanium “heat block” … hmmmm… nice! A rounded off piece about the same size as the hole. Wonderful! That’s about a $3,000.00 Canadian saved! Nice.