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Tack welders

Hi and Merry Christmas, Doe’s anyone have experience with these
little tack welders? I believe they are used to temporarily
tack pieces before soldering. I’ve seen one in the Rio catalogue
and the Shore comp. has a couple of models.I don’t know much
about them ,but if they work it would end a lot of aggravation
with binding wire, crooked bails and such,possibly with one
soldering on a piece instead of several.
Thanks Mike

I have the model from rio. It is very tricky to get the right
setting for the metals used and the thicknesses. It can blow
thin pieces apart if set too high. I have also had it work
extremely well in some situations. It does hold pieces together
in situations where binding wire would be a challenge.

Hi Everyone… I’ve been in the jewelry design business for about
three years. I’ve seen tack welders advertised and have done some
reading on there use. I would like to hear from people who actually
use them and what their opinions are regarding tack welder
usefulness. I’ve seen prices ranging from $500 to $800 for the
smaller units. This seems to be quite a spread for welders that
seem to be offering the same functions and power (As read from the
jewelry tool catalogs). I would also appreciate opinions on the
quality of the tack welder units you use.

Just want to find out as much as I can before purchasing.

John Baker Jewelers
Fairfield IA

I own the ABI tac welder II for about a year now. Initially, it was
a frustrating machine, but like all new toys, it takes practice and
a willingness to learn its abilities and limitations.

Practise on scrap parts is essential, or you will ruin pieces of
jewelry. Learning to figure out voltage settings for the ‘tack’
window’ and not to blow the piece away varies from piece to piece.

From what I understand, Steece Hermannson has been working on a
manual for the company to provide a more in depth instruction book,
and I am still waiting for it; but by and large experimentation is
theonly way I know.

Specific questions, e mail me

good luck