[Tabu] marketing

I know there are 2 questions that you never ask in this trade.

  1. who are your suppliers and 2) where do you sell your stuff.
    My question is in regards to the second tabu. We create
    one-of-a-kind sterling silver with gemstone pins, pendants,
    rings you name it. The retail runs between $75-$250 range. The
    market in Reno, NV. stinks, quite frankly. This is more the
    $.98 cent store crowd. Is there a publication out there or a
    book or something that would help us find a market for our
    creations? I am not at all interested in doing shows. Any and
    all help is greatly and desparately appreciated!

Thank You,
Donna U.

Donna: have you thought of putting up a website? I’m kinda in
the same boat, I don’t do shows and no market around here worth
tapping into. One of a kind silver work is alot of what I do also
in about the same price range, there ain’t many of us doing that!

Crystalguy Jewelry, the first art jewelry site on the net
Art jewelry with a mystic touch / Now accepting credit cards

I don’t know how current this info is but there was a book
called the Guild Sourcebook of Craft Artists that I believe was
used to market artists work, including jewelery. Try
800-969-1556 or maybe they have a web site by now.

Good luck,

 I know there are 2 questions that you never ask in this trade.
 1) who are your suppliers and 2) where do you sell your stuff.
 My question is in regards to the second tabu.

Unfortunately Donna, jewelry is such a visual art, that unless
you manufacture mass produced items, and have a catalogue with
photos, or precise drawings, that you could send out to
prospective buyers, how would you go about marketing the work?
Unless you do shows, it will be difficult for you to find many
outlets outside of your area, without a lot of footwork. At least
at a show, the store buyer can tell with a quick look and a
couple of questions, if your work is suitable for their clientel.
Even if it is a royal pain sometimes, its worth it if you want to
sell outside of your area. I’ve always found the secrecy involved
in suppliers, and buyers amusing…Anyone who wants the name of
my stone dealers, pearl dealers, or any other suppliers has
always been welcome to them…goes for buyers too. Quite often,
I’ll introduce them personally. Its worked really well for me.
The suppliers give me lower prices because I keep pointing
clients their way, the buyers are grateful for new artists, and
become friends as well as buyers…they like my work and buy it
in the first place, so they don’t throw me over for the new
guy…and usually, the other jeweler loosens up enough to become
reciprocal, and pass me on info. I do find that I usually make
the first offer. My work is mostly one of a kind, so maybe that’s
what generates the hubris that makes me feel safe that no one
will or can do work exactly like mine…I’ve been wrong a
couple of times, but that 's just told me, that its time to do a
new design. :slight_smile: I wish you luck finding an alternative to
shows…its tough enough to sell the stuff to them, when they can
see it in front of them. Best wishes, Lisa, ( no critters this
morning…must have gone somewhere else for breakfast), Topanga,

Donna, This is always a difficult area…marketing…many people
make big money who understand how to do this… My quick opinion:

  1. decide for yourself who you want to market to… what part of
    the population…you cannot market to everyone…who do you want
    to sell your stuff too? You must decide…

  2. After you have a clear idea of who you want to sell your
    wares too, find out where they live…What do I mean…People who
    frequent stores to buy stuff are stable, quote normal people, so
    If you want to sell your one of kind sterling jewelry to a
    market which can afford your jewelry you must figure out who they
    are and where they live… Sounds daunting doesn’t it.

  3. Ok so you want to sell your stuff to people who can afford
    it. and who might like one of a kind jewelry…Look in your area
    for neighborhoods that are more distinctive and upscale for one
    of a kind stuff…maybe 250,000 dollar and up neighborhoods and
    direct mail to all of them in the neighborhood.

  4. Find a friendly real estate agent who will show you how for
    money…they are good at this…select marketing…there are books
    they use with all the neighborhoods outlined, prices , names,
    addresses, phone numbers the whole works… Pick a market and

Hope I am clear


Terry Parresol