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T-66 Solidscape machine


Thinking of purchasing the T-66 from Solidscape. A representative of
Solidscape ask me to check this list for honest answers and ask
about the reliability, quality of the machine and the service from

I have been told that as long as the morning maintenance is
performed that I should have no major problems. I have also been told
that the nozzles are the weak link and they need replacing very

Been told that the machine needs to run 24/7 or the nozzles clog and
die. My use for the machine will be mainly for jewelry.

I have also been told that there is none better for jewelry.
Maintenance is not a problem and that you can let the machine set
for a month and use it with no problem if the ‘morning’ maintenance
is observed.

If the machine (or company) is a problem, any suggestions for a
service bureau. If the company (or machine) are fantastic let me

I would appreciate any input that you may have pro or con.

Thanks for your time in this.
Please email me off list if you want to keep your response private.