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Syria and Tunisia Jewelry Attractions

I will soon be leaving for (among other places) Syria, Lebanon, and
Tunisia. Does anyone have any advice on places to find interesting
jewelry and supplies (except for gold things – too small and
expensive and I don’t like the styles)? We’ll be going to a
conference in Damascus and will also visit Palmyra and Ma’aloula,
maybe Aleppo. Later, at least Beirut and Tunis. We are visiting
friends in all these places, but they are not jewelers. I’ve never
been to Tunisia (we bought the Lonely Planet travel guide on
Tunisia) and am looking forward to seeing some sites with Roman
architecture (among many other things)!

Judy Bjorkman

hello Len and Judy, how are you both ?I’m a jewelry designer since 20
years and my whole experience was in lebanon,worked and had a
jewelry society there but now unfortunately it’s been 4 years i left
my country and took a professional mission in cairo, egypt. In both
these locations anything in jewelry i can contribute or help. bye