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Synthetic Sapphire

Hi, All,

I have a customer who has a 6.29 ct (12x10mm) cushion cut synthetic
sapphire which she would like to sell. The crown facet junctions are
badly abraded and the stone would need to be recut prior to use.

Would any one know of someone who might be interested in such a stone. I
can arrange for the recutting. I know that Stuller’s suggested retail
would be $480/ct, which is, shall we say, a tad high. Any offer would be

Please e-mail off list if you or someone you know is interested.


Sharon Ziemek

Hello Sharon:
It would cost more to recut this stone than what it is worth…

Thank you,
Lance Kanaby

I dunno what Stuller is offering, but I last bought 10x12 cushion
synthetic corundum for about $2-3 per stone.

Bruce D. Holmgrain
e-mail: @Bruce_Holmgrain

phone:: 703-593-4652