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Synthetic diamonds



Do any of you know how readily available synthetic diamond melee
would be? I have a client who would prefer synthetic to genuine
diamond for personal reasons. We would need small ones- 1mm to 2mm

Any idea who might have these?
Thank you all,


See if Rio grande has moissanite. You can look online.


Yes, Rio Grande has moissanite stones.



Presidium. Call Andy at Stuller, he usually has something on sale.
Dual diamond/moissanite. Best to learn what a diamond looks like
too, moissanite doubly refractive, read thru on CZs, white sapphire
refraction usually obvious(though they can take allot of heat anyway
if not quenched). dirt, size, some bezel sets and oddball stones
don’t seem to test right with a tester anyway.