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Synthetic diamonds in a changing marketplace

The string on Gemesis diamonds has pretty much gone its’ course. As
usual, a given subject goes through a metamorphosis which generally
winds up a long ways away from the original subject. In this case we
have gone to a history of the machinations of the De Beers cartel
and hence to a polarized discussion of business ethics and just
about any bone that could be picked. A lot of passion has been
aroused, but not much useful has surfaced.

I have been doing a lot of research on diamond synthesis and I am
convinced that lab diamonds are here to stay and will probably
become much more available and cheaper as time goes by. I also think
that natural diamonds will probably also be impacted somewhat and
that they will most likely become more affordable. It would also
seem reasonable that natural diamonds will continue to be in demand
just as have other natural Furthermore, it seems highly
likely that man made gemstones will have a wider place in the
market, especially those which have traits that are not seen in

It would seem reasonable to me that we should all look at the
preceding considerations in the light of how they may affect those
of us who are in the various areas of the industry.Many of us are
dependent on making jewelry for a living and it would be foolish for
us to ignore the changes that are on the horizon. I trhink it is
about time for us to cast about looking for fresh approaches and
think of ways to accomodate change !

Ron Mills, Mills Gem Co. Los Osos, Ca.