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Synthetic diamond ID

Jess, Synthetic diamonds! yes I do believe than if they aren’t
showing up yet out there it could be tomorrow! In 1970 General
Electric produced the first synthetic diamond gem quality. And
then followed by Sunimoto and De Beers. That is not the latest!
There are now numerous fabrication techniques for synthetic
diamonds such as two diamond film techniques, using a contained
microwave plasma electromagnetically. Such as selectively
depositing films of polycrystalline diamonds on silicon. Such as
growing thin films containing-diamond by chemical vapour
deposition. It’s all happening. I do believe some synthetics are
allready out there, and there is more to come. I will provide you
with more info on detection I allready have and will follow with
the latest update I have come across by the end of next week.
Can’t put my hands on those till next wednesday. For now
goodnight its’been a long day.