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Switching to disposable propane tank

I’m currently using a Smith Little Torch with a 20 cf oxygen
cylinder, 5 lbpropane tank, two-stage regulators (on both tanks) and
flashback arrestors with built in check valves (both tanks). Since
I’m using this torch indoors, I’d like to switch from the 5lb
propane tank to a 16oz disposable propane tank. However, I have
several questions. Can I continue to use my current two-stage
regulator? If so, where can I find an adapter to fit between the
regulator and the disposable propane tank? If I have to move to a
fixed output regulator specifically designed for disposable propane
tanks, will there be enough propane pressure to use my rosebud tip,
which is recommended to be used at 10 psi? Also, can I use my current
flashback arrestor/check valve with the fixed output regulator?

Thanks for your help,