Switching gemstones

Hi; looks like the best mans father did it…that would be my
bet…least connected,one with least to loose and the bs story!
Last night i discovered a diamond switch on a clients ring. Had it
in a jewelry store in issaquah washington for over three months and
she went back in anger to pick her piece but the prongs were now
catching on her clothing. One look and i saw the marks, on further
observation the ‘’’‘flaw’’’ on the table of the flawless old mine cut
that seemed to be a brilliant cut flawed diamond was not6 jiving with
the appraisel. Seeing as how i am the only other jeweler to look at
it and did so in front of her i recomended police and prosecution.
People that do that should have all jewelers on a bad
day have them with a ball bat fer bout ten minuets! Ringman John Henry