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Switch to Platinum vs Rhodium Plating

Have any shops out there switched from using Rhodium plating to Platinum plating for silver and white gold? We currently use Legor UltraBright Rhodium, but the cost of replenishing has increased so much, I’m asked to research this possibility.

I’ve only found a couple of pre-mixed solutions in the US. It looks like Legor has another newer one, but I’m not sure where it would be available.

If you have switched, has there been any reaction from customers or does anyone even notice? How durable compared to Rhodium. Our products get very heavy wear and handling due to the emotional associations.

Would you need brand new anodes or could you just move them from the Rhodium tank?

Any thoughts, cautions or tips are appreciated.


Ruthanne Robertson
Bench Jeweler Team Lead
Legacy Touch, Inc.