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Swest wax injector 5050

Hi, I just bought a “Swest” wax injector model 5050 from e-bay,
could anyone tell me anything about this brand. Maybe whos
representing it now or in case I need parts …will I be able to
get parts… Thank you.

The Swest air pressure wax injector was made by Swest in Dallas
Texas. Stuller bought Swest. Stuller sold the manufacturing part of
Swest to Grobet. Stuller shut down Swest. Some repair parts for the
Grobet wax injector will fit as they are common parts. The heating
element is different. There were two different thermostats used in
the Swest unit. We can help you identify and locate most repair

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

Stuller bought out Swest yrs. Ago. Maybe someone there like Andy who
worked for Swest can ans. Your questions. I know he’s on this forum.

Swest was bought out by Stuller a few years back.

Their tech support should be able to help you.

Their number is: 800-877-7777.

Andy Krowngold the “Tool Guy” is a good contact there.

Best regards,
Todd Hawkinson

Swest wax injector,

I have to say, and I am sorry form not saying earlier. Listen tom
John and send him any ??s and or repairs. Could save you $ and he
seems to have a LOT of answers about those So precious tools we
have. Nice niche this man and I assume his wife have carved out for
themselves. AND a delight for those of us in need and (before
knowledge of someone juch as John) lost. No affiliation just a
satisfied customer.

ronald “silver” darling

P.S. No pretence in the nick silver… many years before jewelry, and
stated because of my love of cowboy boots… Hi-o