Swest Inventory Sale

Please note that Swest accounts who are converted to Stuller
"limited" accounts will also be able to purchase fabricated metals in
addition to tools and supplies (paragraph 3).

Steve Steven D. MacDiarmid Director of Public Relations and Trade
Shows Stuller, Inc.

Dear Valued Customer:

To maintain a competitive cost structure, dependable product
quality, and exceptional customer service, we have elected to
consolidate the Swest operations into Stuller.

Swest will discontinue its call center and mail order operations on
June 20; however, the Swest Service Center showroom will remain open
to sell all remaining inventory items on-site at reduced prices. All
sales during this inventory liquidation will be final and only cash
or credit cards can be accepted for payment. For additional
please contact the Swest Service Center at (972) 247-7744
or (800) 527-5057.

Wherever possible, Swest accounts will be converted over to Stuller
with the same terms and purchasing privileges. However, Stuller uses
different qualification criteria in establishing its accounts, in
order to protect the integrity of the jewelry trade as a whole. Some
Swest accounts may be set up on a “limited” basis with Stuller, where
they will be able to purchase tools and supplies, and fabricated
metals. Certain items carried by Swest may be added to Stuller’s
product lines, based on a review process currently underway.

Thank you for making Swest your supplier of choice in past years. We
look forward to assisting you with the jewelry products you need, now
and in the future!

Charles D. Lein
Stuller, Inc.