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Swedish ring sizes?

Hello, I am making a pair of rings for a cutomer in Sweden. They
have given me the sizes as 18 3/4 and 21 1/2. I can’t seem to find a
reference to this type of sizing to convert to mm. Does anyone know
what the formula is or have a link to a chart? Thanks, Douglas.

Go to

and click on the knowledgebase link and enter the phrase european
ring sizing and you will get a chart as a pdf. Basically they are
internal ring diameters in millimetres Nick Royall

Size 19 is Swiss is in America 8 5/8 and 21 1/2 =9 5/8

If you need a copy of my chart email off line and I will either fax
it or email to you

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

search fingersize chart wikipedia has a good one, in direct answer
ID of size 18 1/4 is 18.54mm ID of size 19 is 18.75mm: size 21.5 is
listed 19.56mm ID

Dear Douglas, there is a great tool for making rings, it is a small
plastic ring sizer that you could mail to your customer and have it
sent back. I buy mine from They only cost a few dollars,
a great investment to guarantee just the right size. blessings pat

that seems odd. in Norway, where I used to live, and Sweden’s
neighbor, they used the internal measurement in mm… here. found it,
on this page:


I’m from Sweden.

We use the German size o in mm.

So 18 3/4 is 18,75 mm and 21 1/2 is 21,5 mm
That is in U. S. Size 8 3/4 and 12 1/4

Adding a International ring sizing pdf file

Hans Hansson