Swarogem Presetting System

We are still trying our best to learn this system, and we would like
to contact others that have tried to set stones this way, our small
company has spent a lot of time & money in establishing precision
drilling equipment without much return, we have obtained very
expensive presetting drill bits from swarovski, they had contracted
someone in europe to specially grind and establish a step down tip on
each drill bit which when used creates a stepped down hole in
material. Maybe someone out there has a a less expensive version of
such drill bits. We are still keen to succeed with the Swarogem
system however many of our friends have experienced success and
failures with it, we look forward to contact with others whom have
worked with the Swarogem presetting tubes and the recommended tools,
drills, setting pins etc. Also I have noticed that Rio Grande has
recently offered this system to customers, although their presetting
tubes are identical, the step drills from them have a clever little
nylon cover sleeve to prevent drilled out material from scratching the
surfaces, this is another improvement but those little drills are
expensive too. Swarovski were promising that they could create a
presetting tube in silver, they did but I believe that it was never
released for various reasons. We are constantly experimenting and
trying to develop easier methods of presetting installation and
possibly in time we will either succeed or give up. We look forward to
your replies, best regards from Heather Casey Lyncre Pty Ltd.
Australia @Lyncre_Pty_Ltd_613_5

I love the system. but also had some failures… But the last piece I
did they came out wonderful… Its a matter of being very careful
about getting the hole just right… Then the stone sits in there
tight and looks great… I praticed on some extra material the same
gauge and roundness till I got the plastic to just the right depth
…course not too large but not too small… Afraid I can’t help you
more then that sorry… the man you developed this system practiced on
my 22k gold balls i had made and they held nicely so guess I thought
I could do it too…Wish I could be more pacific to help you… calgang

Hi’ again from Lyncre in Australia, In your recent response to my
message that was posted about the presetting of swarogem stones, you
did mention something about the man whom invented or developed the
system practicing on some of your items. I hope that I have this right
as I would be very interested in learning more about the history or
other relating to the process. My husband has become
obsessed with perfecting the technique, he has spent a great deal of
money on equipment and worked continually on developing an improved
approach to the process. I have no doubt that he will achieve
something in the long run. I am very pleased by the level of responses
to messages posted on orchid, everyone is very kind and we all benefit
from the helpfull advice shown by all. I also welcome any more
and ideas about this presetting system that anyone out
there has, including success and failures. best regards from Heather
Casey @Lyncre_Pty_Ltd_613_5

Hello Lyncre- There is a company in the US that makes carbide end
mills, drills, etc. called SGS. This company will make these tools to
your specifications, and since it is used on a machine such as you
have here, they should be very competitive in price- who knows, maybe
cheaper than Swarogem. From your description, it sounds like a step
drill, or a drill bit that cuts more than one size hole at a time.
Should be a pie of cake for them. If you are unable to locate them,
email me and I’ll dig up their info. I buy CNC bits from a local
source, but made by SGS and have their brochure somewhere. And if you
would be so kind as to give us a phonetic pronunciation of this name
Lyncre, I’d be grateful and will respond in kind. What is it, an
adboridginal name? TIA Regards- Ricky Low Houston, Texas (hu-stun,

Thanks Ricky, I immediately contacted the company called SGS, they are
leaders in cutters, millers & drillers, that was a very good
suggestion. I have no doubts that within the extensive range that they
offer we would have many choices available to us. Hopefully they can
supply us the stepped drills that we require. In response to your
inquiry about our company name: “Lyncre” Lyn (lin), Cre (cree)
(crey) or (cray) should have accent above the letter “e” just another
wierd name from downunder. Had had some great advice via orchid and
the level of support is terrific. best regards from Heather Casey