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Swarogem Presets

Howdy Folks, OK - I know it probably isn’t considered 'real’
jewelry but I’m not (yet) a ‘real’ jeweler. I’d like to know if
anyone here has used the Swarovski Presets and how it worked out for
them. Also, it isn’t clear to me from the catalog description I have
what the limits/requirements are in ‘gauge’ measurement. Would one
need their ‘special’ drill bit? tia Carl 1 Lucky Texan

About a year or so ago I thought that the pre-sets might be the
answer to a problem I had so I ordered the drill and some stones

No matter what I did I was unable to make the system work. I used a
drill press and followed all the instructions but my final conclusion
was that you needed precision machines and that I was not prepared to
go to the expense of setting up for the system.