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Swapping Hands With Flexshaft

Due to air quality issues at work I have resorted to switching my
flexshaft to the left hand to reverse the direction of the dirt
spray AWAY from my face. Anyone hazard a guess as to whether the
dust reduction would be so negligible that the re-learning curve
would be a waste of time? I am ambidextrous so the learning curve is
in the fine tuning. After the switch I began to think that although
the major, heavier dirt my fly away, the fine particulates will hang
in the air. I use a 7 power visor putting my nose very near the
work. Would I still be close enough to this hanging cloud that I’m
breathing ‘nearly’ the same amount of toxins?

Thanks for your two cents,

Hi Jay,

Have you thought of using dust collection at the bench pin?

I have various hoods that fit into the upper 4" intake, removing
virtually particulate.

Jeff Herman