Swansown Mop [Was: Tumblers]

What is a “swansown mop”? Does it fit on a buffing machine?
Beverly @Beverly_Ann_Bevingto

Beverley, A Swansdown mop is a very soft cotton mop used for
finishing silver and gold. It’s used with rouge to get a very
high finish on both these metals. I think a one time the material
used for these mops was from Swansdown. They are fairly easy to
get in your jewellers supply company. Richard W UK

Swansdown mops are made up of combed cotton circular sheets
stapled together with a hole punched out of the centre. Usually
used in the final stage of polishing used with a touch of rouge
with a touch of paraffin. Use after a calico mop with tripoli
compound. Use on a buffing spindle. Mops are called dollies in
Sheffield, although I’m not sure why.