SV: Steel Mandrels


I make a lot of jump rings in various sizes and have found it
very practical to drill a little hole through the mandrel for the
wire in one end. I then place the mandrel in ahand held power
drill with speed control, pull the wire through a slot in a piece
of not too hard wood (fur or pine) and place the piece of wood in
a wise. Tightening the wise can then determine how firm one
wants the coiling to be. For larger diameter wire I simply bend
an angle on the wire and set the end in between the “claws” or
what you call them in the power drill.

I used to cut it with a normal jewellers saw and blades 2/0 to
4/0 depending of the wire, but recently I got hold of a used MDM
circular saw (buzz saw). However I found out that using this
demands some practice.

I started with wrapping the coil into tape (normal office tape)
and then cut it longitudinal. Practical, but it took a little
efford to remove the tape from the jump rings. Cleaning petrol
seemed to be the best answer to this.

Today I hold the coil down with a piece of metal and push it
through the saw with a piece of wood. The trick is to keep your
saw blade well lubricated. Here I use bees wax.

Hope this will help you as you are probably so long away from
Denmark that it is no idea that I cut your jump rings.

Hope you understand all my hints despite English is not my
mother tongue.

Kind regards
Rugvej 19, DK-4040 Jyllinge, Denmark