Surgical Steel Wire

Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows of a soure for surgical steel
wire. I have looked but have so far come up with nothing. Thanks.
Also: Is an ultrasonic cleaner or an ionic cleaner better and what
would be the difference between the systems? I would be using it to
clean gemstone and some glass jewelry. Thanks !! Syl

Hi Sylvia: Not knowing how much surgical wire you need makes my
suggestion rather iffy. If you need just a small amount of it, you
might check with some of your local vetnarians. I know that most of
them use various sizes for use as pins when the mend an animals broken
bones and such. Perhaps one can either spare a small amount in the
size you need, though they most probably will charge some kind of
small fee. They should also be able to give you a supplier for larger
quantities, might even split an order with you. What the heck, it’s
worth a shot. The other source I can think of for real surgical grade
wire would be from a friendly and talkative pharmasist. I’ve used
both for those odds and ends that drive you nuts trying to come up
with. I have never ever had any luck with a medical doctors before.
Probably thinks I’m going to steal his business or some other bezzare
thing…hospitals get even more flakey and get real quiet or more
often they “just don’t know where they get it”. Hope this helps,

Richard W, Blahnik III
Lufkin, "Deep East " Texas

Depending on the gauge you need, perhaps your local orthodontist
might be helpful. Seems I paid for significant amounts of the stuff
when my kids were having their mouths rearranged! :slight_smile:


Sylvia, Another good source for tempered steel wire is your local
dentist/orthodontist. He may already be interested in or making
jewelry, and likely will be glad to help. I got some very
inexpensively from a co-student at Montgomery College who is an
established orthodontist & jeweler.Good luck!
–Sherry Terao, Silver Spring, MD

Surgical Steel wire In small inexpensive spools ( 1 lbs ) are
available from McMaster Carr 732-329-3200. Daniel Grandi