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Support the Orchid 2011 Raffle

Hi All:

There are a million reasons why everyone on this forum should
support Orchid. Here is one. Social media has shortened our attention
spans. We Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, tune in and drop out. Before
all of this revolutionary time saving, career gotta do it’s came
about, we all started out by coming to this amazing place called
Orchid where technical was explained and information
passed from those who knew a lot to those who were just learning.

Guess what. It still is. Life has bulleted by us. The age
has exploded. There are a million reasons why Hanuman and Ton could
pack it in and say good bye. They haven’t. They still work every
single day, backing up terrabytes of …for us. There is
no “staff” at Ganoksin. There are two people who sit and sift through
hundreds of emails EVERY DAY. They do it on their time off. Orchid is
here for you, 365 days a year.

Please support Orchid. Ganoksin is a brilliant resource and the only
one that is completely dedicated to what we do and how we do it. We
make jewelry. We teach jewelry and we help others in the pursuit of
learning every aspect of the jewelry industry. I can’t even begin on
how much Orchid has helped me.

If you do one thing today, please go to the following link and send
along a donation. You might even win an amazing prize. You will
receive some valuable just by helping out. Bonus.

Orchid Raffle

Donate to Ganoksin

Thank you Orchid for hanging in there for us. Still.

Karen Christians