Support Orchid and do some granulation


I posted a note a last week asking for expressions of interest in
mesh kits for making granulation sieve stacks. I received so many
replies that we embarked on the project. The good news is that I’ve
now shipped enough sets of mesh to cover the costs of making the mesh
kits. Many thanks to all who helped make the project go.

The even better news is that I still have a few mesh kits that need
a home ($25 a set, 16 sizes, 0.4mm-1.9mm openings by the 0.1mm).

The best news news is that because I’ve covered my out-of-pocket
costs, I’ll forward 100% of the kit cost to Hanuman to support
Orchid…I’ll even cover the PayPal fee and the costs of shipping the
the meshes to you. This offer holds for all of the remaining sets I
have on hand, so get 'em while they’re hot!

If you are interested, please reply to me off list and I’ll give you
the details.

Tom Colson

…who is waiting for the glue to dry on his sieve stack so he can take
it for a test run!