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Supply stores in San Francisco

Hi All,

I’d like to thank you all again, for all the helpful info that I
read on this website !It’s one of the few newsletters I won’t
delete, til I’ve read, even when I have almost 100 messages in my
inbox…LOL…there is usually about 4-5 back issues of Orchid in
there, but I refuse to delete, til I’ve gone through all of your
great posts.

Now for my questions: my husband and I will be out in San Francisco~
Mission/Bay area, next week, 3/18-3/24 to visit our oldest…any
suggestions on good bead stores/rock shops, tool&supply stores (for
glass beadmaking) and/or glass art/museums??

Suz Brennan


jewelery tools + supplies…otto frei… and makens
in sausalito…

gallery… velvet da vinci…415 441 0109… tues-sun

museums…de young…golden gate park ,legion of honor… and
museum of modern art…down town

om shalom

Suz, the only serious supplier for jewelers that I can think of is
Otto Frei. This 70 year old family run company is based on Oakland
but also has an office on the ninth floor of the Phelan Building, to
serve the City’s historic jewelry center. Otto Frei offers a full
range of the tools and supplies you can find at their website,

While you are visiting Otto Frei, stop in next door and at the
Revere Academy of Jewely Arts. Our door is 2 meters away on the ninth
floor. The weather here is great…

Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Inc.
760 Market Street Suite 900
San Francisco California 94102


To add to Richard’s suggestions:

Tiny but cool jewelry gallery in the Castro:

The store at SFMOMA (but check out the museum, too, even though I
doubt there will be any jewelry):

Bead stores: (the first
is bead overload, the second great for classes–if you call them,
they may have more info on glass beadmaking resources)

There is currently a glass exhibit at the Museum of Craft & Design:

Also, just try some related Google searches. And search the Orchid

Lisa Orlando
Albion, CA, US

PS: The above is just for SF itself. There’s also the East Bay,
Marin, the Peninsula…