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Suppliers in the UK

Can anyone tell me of any suppliers of jewelry making tools in the
UK (I am looking for forming equipment, rolling mills that kind of
thing). If anyone knows of any used equipment dealers or websites
that would be a welcome piece of advice…

I have tried places like Cooksons, HS Walsh etc and found them very
expensive. As I am just starting out so I cant afford a massive
outlay! I have looked into importing one from the US but it works out
just as expensive.

Thanks for any help

Hello sharon,

You might want to try suppliers from Germany or Belgium. As you said
HS Walsh is indeed rather expensive. But try these ones :

Birkenstock & CO 
D21500 Geesthacht

Not so spricy new tools of verry good quality. They deliver all
around the world. the charge is about 30=80 per delivery. The tax
charge in Germany is about 16%. Ask for their Catalogue.

L.Buysschaert nv.
Engelse Wandeling 5
B 8500 Kortrijk

I usualy buy here. High quality tools at the right price. They also
deliver in other countries. I don’t know about the charge for that
but you can contact them on e-mail for more on that. The
service is verry good and fast. Never had any problems with them.
Their catalogue is online and so are their prices.

You sometimes have to look for the good stuff a bit further than
your own borders. I myself buy a lot in Germany (silverplates and
wire, stones, tools,…) In Antwerp or in The Netherlands, and also
in England for spare parts. It is often rewarding to find a lot of
different companies and compare them. At least as you live in Europe
the charges for transportation and the importtaxes aren’t that huge.

Hope the be helpfull.

Kristel Verhaert
Peter Benoitstraat 21/5
3500 Hasselt

Hi Sharon,

I recently taught a one week course in hydraulic press techniques at
the School of Jewellery in Birmingham, England. While I was there,
one of my students took me to Parker Tools, which he likes because
they MAKE the tools there, (other places sell the tools that Parker
makes) and so, they are less expensive. Good quality tools at good
prices, and nice people. Parker Tools is at 37 Spencer St.,
Birmingham, England B18 6DE tel and fax: (0121) 212 2446

By the way, the School of Jewellery in Birmingham, England is an
incredible place! Imagine a beautiful, contemporary building with
more than TWELVE jewelry studios, a gallery, a lecture theatre, a
computer lab, research facilities, and more—it is an amazing place.
They have short courses in the summer, as well as degree programs
during the year. I met students from England, Ireland, Wales, and
Australia, and enjoyed meals and many glasses of wine with students
and with Giovanni Corvaja from Italy who was teaching granulation,
and Matti Tainio from Finland who was teaching silversmithing, as
well as outstanding British jewelers. I highly recommend this
program. Here is a link, which shows a bit of the beautiful

Parker Tools is a short walk from the School of Jewellery. (While
you are there, be sure to go to the Jewellery Mueseum, a few blocks
away!) Cindy

Cynthia Eid

You might want to try suppliers from Germany or Belgium. .... 

Hello Kristel,

Many thanks for giving us this info. I’m in France and also been
looking for good European suppliers. Much appreciated.

Trevor F.

When I needed to buy a full set of tools I went to the jewellery
quarter in Birmingham for the day, most of the stores are in walking
distance so you can shop around and its much cheaper than London.

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