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Suppliers database

Hello Melissa: I started a site a couple years ago of the web sites
of many of the members of this forum and also of supply companies and
some very interesting safety sites that Charles Lewton-Brain posted
to the forum. I am sorry to say I have not taken the time lately to
check and make sure all the links are still good, but it is a place
to start. If you know how to do HTML code and that kinda stuff you
can like grab my whole page and make your own out of it. I always
welcome anyone to send me their web site address and I will put it on
this page. The address is Let me
know what you think and if I need to add any sites.

Michael R. Mathews Sr.

Check JCK web site. They have a data base, but I don’t know if you
can access it without a subscription. Your local library is also a
great reference source.


MJSA has a searchable database of its members called "ReferralNet."
These members include a fairly large number of suppliers to the
industry, as well as finished jewelry manufacturers. The primary
limitation is that you must be a member of MJSA to be listed.

Check it out, if you like, at

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255

  I was wondering if there was online anywhere a searchable list
of jewelry supply companies 

Hi Melissa, I use the Thomas Register. Click heRe:

&pn=005 0964

I think the first few companies pay to be listed first on the list.
After that, the companies are listed in alphabetical order. Hope this

DanielBe Jewelry

The Society of North American Goldmsiths has a resources page on
their website:

Jan Baum

Hi Melissa, You could try Beadfairies. They have a very comprehensive
list of suppliers, (retail and wholesale) and a list of those who
have catalogs. Hope
this helps, J. Gale