[Supplier] Platinum rings

Hello everybody,

I am in need of assistance again. I have a customer that has

requested a set of his and hers flat comfort fit platinum
bands. The sizes are 11.5 x 7mm and 7 x 6mm. Since I have no
experience with platinum and can’t seem to find them in any of
my catalogs, I was hoping some one would suggest a supplier.

Steve D.

no one that i know of supplies a band that is comfort fit inside
and flat on top in any metal. i’ve made a few of these. one could
order a reg cf and file the top flat.

best regards,

geo fox

Dear Steve, You can try Hoover and Strong for platinum supplies.
If they don’t have the actual bands in stock, they’ll most likely
have the metal so you can fabricate them yourself. Hoover&Strong
(800) 759-9997 Good Luck

Forgive me if this is below-the-line stupid, but what are “flat
comfort fit bands” whether platinum or no? Thanks! Ryr

Sam Tubis of GD Platinum has cast custom pieces for me and does
very nice work.


Steve Howard

Hello Steve- Try Stuller Settings at www.stuller.com, always well
made and the folks are some of the most helpful I’ve ever delt
with. They have a nice line of the basics as well as some fashion
statements in platinum. Their gold line is extensive. Overnight
service available and its easy to establish an account, no
minimums on price or piece, nice for us little guys.

Good luck,
Leslie R.

Forgive me if this is below-the-line stupid, but what are "flat
comfort fit bands" whether platinum or no? 

I believe that it is a band that is flat on the top but has a
comfort fit (ie domed) inside.

We manufacture many bespoke items in platinum based in
Yorkshire, UK. Our workshop is widely regarded as the best in the
North of England. If you have any unusual requests I would be
only to pleased to work prices out for you. We work with 18ct
yellow and white gold and most other precious metals.

Good luck and best wishes,
Christopher Stoner.

The Platinum Guild International USA has a source book. I have
received a free copy. Telephone # is (949) 760-8279, Fax # is
(949)760-8780, Web site http://www.pgi-platinum-tech.com, E-mail
: jmaerz@earthlink.net… This imformation was taken from the
first page of source book. Hope this helps. Bob

Hi everybody: I deleted the original post by accident so I’m not
sur who is asking about the platinum rings. We have a ring that
is comfort fit on the inside and flat on the top, but it is in
14k white and yellow inlaid alternating strips. I could check to
see if the supplier does it in all platinum.

Cary James