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Supplier for enamels


Great supplier for enamels: Thompsom Enamel, 1-800-545-2776,
P.O Box 310, Newport, KY 41072. If you call/write, they will
send you a catalog.

Welcome to Orchid!


i was wondering if any one has done much with enameling and
knows of a good good sourse for lead based enameling >powders?

Hi April…I’ve done a fair share of enameling & still do.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your viewpoint,
Thompson does NOT sell leaded enamels. They switched to the
unleaded variety some time ago. The colors were definately
richer…especially things like reds and purples have been hard
to equal in the unleaded variety. I am personally switching to
all unleaded enamels because I enamel in my basement and feel
that I shouldn’t expose those I love to the easily airborne lead
in powdered enamels. I don’t think the most vigorous control
could help the dust in my hair, on my clothes and drifting
through the house.

On the other hand, if you want to live on the edge (hey, I used
to use all leaded enamels) or are really lucky and have a
seperate and well ventilated environment to work in there are
sources available.

Enamelwork Supply Co. has Schauer and Ninomiya lead bearing
enamels for sale. 1 (800) 596-3257, they are imported from Europe
and Japan I believe. They also carry some other enameling

You may want to try Bovano of Cheshire as well…1 (800)
847-3192, I met them a few yrs. ago and don’t know much about
them other than they sell enameled laser cut wall pieces at gift
shows and seem to have nice colors.

Keep in mind that these enamels may or may not mix well with
what you currently have due to different expansion rates.

Good luck!