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Supplier for 2 - 3 mm round silver balls

Dear all, I am looking for a supplier of 2 and 3mm round silver
balls in either sterling or fine silver. I used to buy my casting
silver grain from a good reliable USA supplier. It came in nice
round balls and could use about 2-4% for this purpose. My supplier
no longer suppliers their casting silver in this round form. I know
I can make my own, but think that this might be more hassle then it
is worth. any suggestions for a reliable supplier? Thank You, Dan S.

Hi Dan - We are Reliable PrecMet located in Naugatuck, CT. We are
manufacturers of Fine and Sterling Silver grain, sheet and wire. We
also manufacture silver anodes in many sizes and shapes and are
suppliers of tin & tin/lead anodes, copper anodes and silver and
gold plating salts. You can contact me off site at

Carl Seadale
Reliable PrecMet