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Superglue for Soldering?

I’m sitting here reading “At The Bench” from AJM Journal, October
2001. It says to use Superglue to temporarily attach a gallery wire
to a prong setting, then solder with easy solder. Has anyone tried
this in place of holding things together with binding wire or other
jigs? Thanks, Allyson

Allyson Gernandt
240 N. Panther Branch Road
Bryson City NC 28713

Hi–I tried it and had mixed results. The first glue I used was a
Super Gel Super glue and it worked very well. The next one was a
’regular’ gel Super Glue, and it did not work at all. One thing I
am not sure of is the following: in what order do you place the
flux, the superglue and the solder? Sorry to raise more questions,
but am really looking forward to the experience of others. Sandra

Allyson, Yes, this is a technique that I use regularly for
assemblage of parts. For the gallery wire, I Superglue it in place
and let the glue set for a few minutes while I perform some other
task. I then insert the prongs (tip side down) into a charcoal block
until the gallery rests on the surface of the block. This performs
two important functions. First: it protects the prong tips from melt
down during the soldering process and secondly: it holds the gallery
in position after the superglue releases it grip upon heating. Doing
it this way also allows you to use hard solder to attatch the
gallery with little risk to the rest of the crown. I also=
superglue for positioning pieces during many other soldering
operations such as: 1) aligning rings for soldering two or more
together ( I then binding wire them together to assure continued
alignment after the glue has been heated past its flash point); 2)
positioning multiple crowns prior to investment soldering elaborate
crown clusters; etc. The glue will always release long befor=
soldering temperature is reached. Often the flux will continue to
keep the parts from shifting after that point, but on truly critical
alignment jobs I will always use a supplimental hold, as mentioned
above, to ensure that the parts remain exactly where I want them. Not
really a time saver but a very handy way to be more accurate.

Paul Reilly
In sunny (finally) spring-time Colorado Springs.

Hi Allyson, I use super glue as a soldering fixture (with ADEQUATE
ventilation of course!).It has saved me many hours. Check last year’s
archives, there were many posts on this- all you ever wanted to know
about superglue soldering and more! Best Regards, Kate Wolf in sunny
and warm (for here) Portland, Maine

Hey, Man I hope you guys are exausting the burning or not burning
isocyanocrylate (sp?) T-O-X-I-C Don’t let anyone breathe it,
it goes through floors, also dp

yes allyson… superglue is helpful in holding pieces together for
soldering. if you use it however be sure to use an adequate mask or
adequate ventillation because it is very toxic/nasty when it burns…