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Superglue bandaids

 I need to have callaces on my finger tips so I don't use much
lotion.  When they crack bad and hurt with chemicals or
working, I put super glue in the crack to seal it. I have sone
this with cuts and they heal nicly.  May not be the nest
bandaid but it works for me 

That method was recomended to us by a doctor. And it has worked
well on many occasions. It works on small cuts and dry cracked
skin. Whodathunk??


Super glue is used in surgery so application of small amounts to
skin breaks should create no problem. I have heard of using ‘Bag
Balm’, a salve applied to udders of cows for chapping that is
helpful for hands exposed to harsh use.

That’s right! Super glue type adhesives are actually used by
hospitals to close lacerations. In fact, if you watch closely,
I noticed this with that Prince Hammad vs. Kevin Kelly fight,
you can see cut men in boxing matches wipe a fighter’s cut with
a gauze and then put super glue into the cut. They squeeze it
shut to bond the skin and stop the bleeding. (Not everyone does
this, but the results are good). I actually had it put into a
gash above my eye by a doctor because I had waited too long to
get stitches. He glued it shut and put “butterfly stictches” on
it. I closed and healed well.

Remember those two words, folks: SUPER GLUE The cure all of
the '90’s.