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Superfit shanks

Superfit shanks work very well.  We have been installing them,
or on the really tricky ones, having the Superfit company
install them now for 2-3 years and have not had one back that
was broken.

I’ve never used these. How do they work? The trouble I have
with the finger fit shanks is that if a customer has arthritis
bad enough to need one of these, she usually doesn’t have the
dexterity to work them. I havn’t tried the “balls”, though I
have seen them. They look pretty unconfortable! Wendy Newman

MAB Superfit
28 West Eagle Road, Suite 203
Havertown PA 19083

800 765 7111

Fax 215 449 5304

The shank has a clasp that pivots and locks shut on one side and
a hinge on the other. It opens up completely, slips over the
back of the finger and snaps shut.

To open it you must push a button with the tip of a ball point
pen or other fine tool and it snaps into the unlocked position,
then the top of the ring is pulled to unlatch the ring. It is a
two snap process. They are virtually invisible when closed. I
too have many LOL’s (Little Old Ladies) with arthritic fingers.
The hardest part for them is to snap it shut. You can take out
some of the snap tension of the shank to make it snap shut



I have installed several superfits. I’m sure you could order the
correct size from the Superfit company. I’ve ordered special rings
and the company was very accomodating. Give them a call.

James S. Cantrell CMBJ

Those of you that use the SuperFit product should not be too pleased
after reading these two paragraphs taken from an engineer’s report on
the SuperFit.

He had five out of five total failures that cost him $10,000.00 in
lost time and parts to replace them with the P.F.F. Ring Clasp. The
five rings were all with different customers. So it can not be blamed
on a rough customer.

One that failed had a 3.06 CT. E VVS1 on it.

All five rings never stayed closed from day one and after multiple
returns every couple of weeks to the store they all had to be
replaced, all within a few months of brand new. The famous nubs were
all worn down.

But even when the rings are new the nubs only have 2-10 mm of nub on
the speed bumps. That is the thickness of tissue paper

Excerpt from Engineer’s report on the SuperFit

Further thought regarding the design of this product and its
inability to be reliable is rather disturbing. Examination of the
mechanism will reveal that although there is a perceived latch, the
mechanics of the design are self destructive. Essentially, the
mechanism is no more than an interference fit. Two interference
profiles, which attempt to mate when the profiles are phased past
each other and come to rest in non-interference, tension free space.
Simply put the same type material gold on gold rubs each other, there
is no true mechanical advantage which prolongs the life of the
design, it is a known fact (Scientific Phenomenon) that like
materials are abrasive to each other when like surfaces come in
contact. Therefore the nubs of the SuperFit upon opening and closing
of the product will eventually destroy its self.

No tweaking or shape manipulation of any kind to the rings is a
sound solid method to adequately adjust and maintenance the latching
of the SuperFit

From an Engineering Standpoint “The SuperFit System” is designed to
fail which it has. Any like material the friction rubs together will
in fact destroy itself, a foregone conclusion. In no way can that
type of design ever survive reliably with any degree of certainty and
when that system is used to secure diamonds poses a serious risk,
liability and potential loss and or damage should the ring unclasp.

Allan Creates
P.O. Box 51 Cote St-Luc
Montreal Quebec
Tel: 514-488-7553
Fax: 514-489-7299
Perfectly Fabulous Fit Arthritic Shanks