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Super jewelry glossary - NOT

Have come across the best glossary of jewelry, etc., yet

I checked out this glossary and found two striking errors within
about two minutes � not a very good average. The site is aimed at
kids (which is still no excuse for inaccuracy) and I would not
recommend it as authoritative on the subjects it claims to cover.
It’s certainly an attractive site but, if this is the best gem/jewelry
glossary on line, we’re all in trouble.


P.S. What errors, you ask? First was equating adularia and moonstone
without mentioning albite (the other type of moonstone); second was
equating obsidian and Apache Tears (a member of the obsidian family).

Seconded. I’ve just reviewed the site’s definition of pearls, and
while it’s nearly correct, I think it’s not accurate. (Defining
nacre as a whitish substance is correct for a subset of pearls, but
not for Tahitian or golden pearls…)