Super glue for findings

Der David , Nothing is less prefession than having your work fall
apart and that’s what will happen if you use super glue on a tiny
finding that will be used (not just looked at) on a flat metal
surface. If you’re going to use glue ( and as an enamelist I
understand the problems) you’re much better off woth the larger
surface of the one piece back and a good epoxy. You also need to
read up on metels and solders before you select that route as you can
contaminate your enamels or heat them incorrectly and ruin them or
the findings. .I also went through the process of going from making
copper enamel jewelry with inexpensive findings to more jewelish
jewelry. It wasn’t always fun, but you’re better off making a
choice of direction and then doing that really well. If you 're
determined to use the smaller findings and glueing them, maybe you’d
consider drilling into the copper first and letting the thickness of
the copper help support the glue joint. good luck , Marianne