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I just bought Sunsheen Porcelain Media. The Rio Grande catalog says:

"For final finishing (requires a break-in cycle of 4-7 days)" 

These media have no corners to knock down (they’re round), so why do
they need breaking in?

The catalog also recommends:

Mix 2mm media with either 3mm or 4mm media--2mm media does not

tumble well by itself."

My tumbler is small so I leftover media. If anybody want to swap
some 2mm for my 3mm, please contact me off list.


Janet, The Sunsheen Porcelain media we sell at Rio needs a break in
because the media comes from the manufacture slightly porous. Because
of this porosity the media is slightly abrasive when new. Running the
media 4-7 days will “glaze” it over making it extremely smooth and
hard. Also, put some silver scrap and a burnishing compound in with
the media during the break-in cycle this will help the break-in
period. One more note about porcelain burnishing media, the more you
use it the better it performs. I hope this helps and thanks for your

Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support.