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Sunlight safe gems?

What stones should I avoid putting in window hangings? I know
sunlight will adversely affect amethyst and citrine? Would it
make any difference if the stones I use are faceted or cabs?
Have thought of using corundums & beryls, also gems and stones in
stained glass also - any info I shall appreciate. Would sunlight
have any effect on malichite, sodalite, or other non transparent
stone? What about moonstone? I have looked in my {limited}
reference books and on the web; won’t try tanzinite - too
expensive for one and I’m sure would be ruined, but what about
Iolite? Garnets should be safe? Opals would have high chance of
crazing & cracking so they’re out. TIA, Kat

If the corundums have been irradiated,they are not stable to
sunlight.Beryls irradiated with Electrons are stable,but most
people treat Beryls with Gamma because of the cooling problem,so
be wary.Gamma is tenacious on Beryl,but not stable. The others you
mention would only suffer breakage from the expansion and
contraction of the exposure to the elements.Use clean stones and
should be no problem.

Stones like Moonstone with silk in them can pop.The silk
contains liquid.

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