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Summer Workshops

I am looking for a one or two week workshop/course running
sometime in late July or August. Any suggestions?


Sidney, If you are on the west coast I can highly recommend The
Revere Acedemy. There are all kinds of classes,several
instructors, and you will not be disapointed. They have a web site
at www.revere (at least I believe that is the address)
Good luck sid, Don Wollwage

Hi Sidney,

Check out our website at We have week long
courses in both jewelry and stone setting, as well as engraving
techniques. I’d be glad to send you some info. on our classes if
you would be interested.

Hi All,

Back in May I posted a request for on summer
workshops. I decided to take Brian Clarke’s workshop in Ireland.
I’ve just returned from his two week course and it was
excellent!!! I’d highly recommend this course to anyone. For
more see his web page:

Sydney MacLean