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Summer Holiday

I’m off on our summer holidays til the 23rd.

Heat, sun, lakes, sun, humidity, fun, coffee, wineries, heat,
then get back into the a/c car.

Have fun in the snow you Northern Hemitypes!

PS Here’s what I’m doing:

Street Jewellery?
Ever wanted a go at making jewellery?
Tutor ? Brian Adam

TRY A ONE HOUR JEWELLERY LESSON. They are the latest happening in
Queenstown?s famous Beach Street mall outside Celia Kennedy Gallery. Working
impromptu with an experienced jewellery artist you have a chance to make a
useful piece of jewellery for yourselves or for a gift. No experience
necessary ? in fact children are welcome ? it?ll be a rewarding fun
experience for all holiday-makers.

 ? a plain silver ring and add some designs to it
  ? silver or titanium earrings 
   ? silver or titanium pendant on a cord

Go home with a skill you never thought you?d get.

10am to 4pm, Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15 Jan ?98
1 hour session $40 (2 hours $70) ? tools and materials provided
Inquiries: CELIA KENNEDY GALLERY, 25 Beach Street, ph 03 442 7870, QUEENSTOWN

Jewellery Direct?
Weekend Jewellery Workshop
Brian Adam

EMPHASIS will be on simplicity, fun, and direct-design methods ? designing
right on the raw materials and developing and resolving the spontaneous
results. Copper, brass, coconut, paua, and some silver supplied.

TECHNIQUES covered are simple enough for beginners to quickly create things
with style, yet have extra tricks that experts can learn. These include:
texturing, stamping, and chasing; simple ring-making; repeat cuttlefish
casting; ?fold-forming? and ?shell-forming?, which are quick and creative
ways with sheet; and the ?Satsuo Ando? method , a simple Japanese way of
pouring ingots,

ALONG THE WAY depending on demand I will demonstrate or discuss: precious
metals theory and practical alloying; solder-making - the ancient ?eutectic?
silver solder; hardening and tempering steel tools; plus Making Eyeglasses
and Eyewear - my specialist area.

Come and develop some of your ideas in a different creative environment.
Bring your own tools, special materials, found objects, and components

There?s a possibility of an optional extra day on Monday 19th.

All levels welcome

9am to 4pm, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 Jan ?98
2 day workshop $199.00
Bookings: CELIA KENNEDY GALLERY, 25 Beach Street, ph 03 442 7870, QUEENSTOWN

B r i a n ? A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r ?
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND artworks - spectacles earrings rings NZ jade NEXT: Queenstown NZ Jan 13 1998 Ruth makes her jewellery alongside me

Sounds really interesting, Brian. Please let us all know how
the street workshops go. Never have seen this done in the
States!! Gini

Howdy list members, This is an ad for summer vacations, I will
keep it short. I manage a hotel, for my main employement, do rock
work in my spare time. I am located in the San Luis Valley of
southren Colorado. This is rockhound heaven, minerals, gems gold
and silver all within 1 hour drive. Any list member who would
like to plan a summer vacation to this area, I will give 25%
discount off normal rates, and be happy to help in finding the
spot you are looking for. If you are interested in booking a room
contact me off list to make reservations. Thanks jerry

ps. if you pass through Alamosa on the way to Tuson or
Quartzite, I will give the same deal to any who tell me they are
with the list.

Hi Brian

Your workshops sound wonderful. I would love any excuse to to
hop a plane and spend some more time in Queenstown. A truly
fabulous place. Could you explain what “Satsuo Ando” method of
ingot making is. I haven’t heard of this. It sound interesting.

Have fun on your holiday.