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Summer 2000 courses


I am compiling enough money to take a short summer course on one
of several jewelry techniques which I would like to improve in
or develop. As I live in Vietnam at the moment the cheapest
flights would be to West Coast U.S. or maybe Australia. Hawaii
would be wonderful BUT I couln’t find a class last year so
assume the same is not happening this year. Is there any one out
there who knows of a place which has interesting and dynamic
classes and also offers cheap lodging, another important
consideration? Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers from sunny


Sharron, If you can find one at GIA in Carlsbad, Ca. (San Diego
County) I can offer you a couch.


With reference to Sharon Grey’s request and to anybody who is
interested, I, Brian Clarke will be running a series of workshops
in February & March and From June to October 2000. The workshops
are entitled “Through the Plasticity of Metal” and cover most
aspects of silversmithing except casting. This is the 8th year of
workshops. The cost including accommodation and meals is 1300.00
EUROS or (1500.00 US $ approx)

Please look for details on my web page, and bookmark it.
address below.

Thank you.

Brian Clarke,
Silversmithing Workshops, Ireland.
(NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS) @Brian_Clarke


Sharron, check out the Mendocino Art Center at 

The summer schedule hasn’t been officially released yet (look
for it in the upcoming Metalsmith Magazine), but there are some
fantastic week-long courses being offered, taught by some of the
best artists in the country (several of them Orchid members). The
Art Center has on-campus apartments available at reasonable
rates. The courses (and the apartments) often fill up quickly,
so if there’s something you’re interested in, jump on it!

Mendocino is a small historic village perched on the headlands
of a gorgeous coastline. The area is mostly forested, about 3
hours north of San Francisco. Good luck, hope to see you here!
Rene Roberts


Hi Sharon - I have heard that there are great courses at the
Revere Academy in San Francisco. If you think you might want to
attend, please contact me and we can talk about you staying with
me. Good luck. Wendy -


hi sharron, there is quite an assortment on the west coast. here
are a few. i’m sure others will fill in the blanks: mendocino art
center ( ), revere academy ( ), california college of arts and
crafts ( ).


Dear Sharron, much as I hate to say this (especially as I’m a
Sydney-sider) avoid Sydney, Australia unless you want to compete
with all the Olympic visitors and unimaginably bad traffic jams.
In quieter times, you might consider the Jewellery School run by
Jacques Fabian in Sydney. It is excellent. Kind regards, Rex from


Hi Ganoksinners ;-), I’m thinking about taking an intensive at
the Revere Academy sometime in the spring and wondering if
anyone can recommend where a New Yorker can stay that’s
reasonable, comfortable, and close to the Academy? Also, any
comments on what courses you might recommend I take at the
Revere Academy for someone nearing the intermediate level of
jewelry-making? Thanks – Madeline

I am compiling enough money to take a short summer course on one
of several jewelry techniques which I would like to improve in
or develop.

If you include Auckland New Zealand in your list of possible
places, I can perhaps offer a residential course which is like an
exchange - you stay here with us and work some of the time in the
studio workshop and other times we cover the lessons. Which
techniques are you interested in? There is a group jewellery
workshop called ‘Workshop 6’ in Auckland and a little time spent
there could cover some other aspects of jewellery-making.

Cheers from sunny kiwiland

B r i a n � A d a m a n d R u t h B a i r d �
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND


I read Yumi’s post about her experience with “my” city and was
awed that she was able to get such great transit service from
Palo Alto. For the New Yorker, I would suggest a couple of
things. First though, Revere Academy is in an "interesting "
part of SF right near a Bart station. During the day a New
Yorker would feel right at home with the bustle and it is as
safe as any other light business area. At night if you work
late I would exercise caution especially if you are a woman.
However, it stays light late in the spring -8 or so 1. If you have
an apartment in NY, someone with an apt in SF might want to do a
simple exchange, such as a Revere Academy faculty member. Why
not contact the Academy and see if there is a venue for posting
it so only Faculty could respond. Okay, I just don’t want
someone trashing my house either and assume that a faculty
member might be more accountable. The faculty member would
probably love to explore the metalsmithing and other art in NY
and have a safe place to return to each evening. If that is not
a possibility, try this: 2. Contact your alumni organization from
the university if you went to one vs. straight into technical
training and see if they have a Faculty Club in SF. Sometimes
alums can arrange to stay there reasonably. 3…Revere is not far
from the Moscone Convention Center, if my bearings are right so
contact the Center and see if they have knowledge of hotels
close by. 4. Stay in the East Bay -Weather in spring after mid
march in the East Bay (Berkeley, Oakland, etc.) is warmer than
SF, especially at night. BART (our subway transit system) makes
it very easy to get to the city - Revere is within 1 block of a
BART station and staying in the Rockridge area of Oakland or the
North Berkeley area, you could find a better deal financially.
BART from either location would cost you around $5/day and it
takes about 30 minutes or less. I used to make it in 20. I
love the City but there are wonderful restaurants and things to
do in the evenings here too, especially with the University so
close by. If you want more help about the East Bay, contact me
off line and I will try to spirit out some info. I had for old
friends who came to see their daughter and were very financially
constrained. Good luck! Shael @shael_barger


I’m asking for a non-line jeweller friend, Lynn Kelly, a
partner in Fluxus Contemporary Jewellery in Dunedin New Zealand.
I hope to persuade her to organise a way to get online soon and
subscribed up to Orchid. Til then I’m asking here for her. Lynn’s
recently returned from a residential at the Gray Street Jewellery
workshop in Adelaide, Australia. Now she’s looking for places to
learn in the American SouthWest.

I’ll suggest Revere Academy, Mendicino, Oregon School of Arts.
What else is there, specifically more inland and south?

I thought of Yuma AZ. Anyone help with info?

Teresa, what’s the GIA in Carlsbad, Ca. (San Diego County)? Joan,
what’re the Arizona Designer Craftsmen up to this summer?

B r i a n � A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r �
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND


If she is interested in the American Southwest, I would suggest
the Taos Institute of the Arts which is in Taos, New Mexico. She
couldn’t find a more beautiful place and I hear great things
about their program, specifically Phil Poirier among others. Good
luck to her. SHael @shael_barger


Jack DaSilva of DaSilva’s Design Studio runs a summer metals
workshop/retreat annually. This year: June 10-14, 2000, Loma
Mar, CA. Seven four day hands on workshops: Bruce Clark,
Damascene, Bob Coogan: Quick Copper Vessels, Deb Lozier: Torch
Fired Enamel,. John McClellan: Blacksmithing, Harold O’Connor:
Granulation, Reticulation, Embossing, Don Stuart: Cloisonne
Encrustation and Susan Wood Onstad: Chains & Catches. The five
day package includes the Sympsoium & BBQ, one four day workshop,
meals and a bunk all for $575 if postmarked by May 1, 2000. After
the May date the fee is $625.oo and the cut off date is May 25th.
The Symposium/retreat dates are June 10-14th. For complete
contact Jack at: TeleFax: (510) 223-1616.


I plan to be in southern California from at least June 21 to
July 1, attending some meetings in Long Beach and staying in
Orange. Can anyone advise me about (affordable) jewelrymaking
short courses in the area about that time? I’m particularly
interested in things like fold-forming, anticlastic raising,
maybe even using a rolling mill (I don’t own one but have a
friend who does). Even advice on what to avoid would be
appreciated, either on-list or off. Thanks!

P.S. Regarding “gold tarnish,” I have worn a 9K gold pinkie
ring for the last 20 years – it has never tarnished or spotted
and always looks good (although, for some reason[!], it’s
beginning to wear down a bit!).

Judy Bjorkman


Contact Marcia Lewis Jewelry Instructor at Long Beach City
College. Great lab and good workshops offered. E-mail me off line
and I will give you her number.
Sincerely, Jennifer Peterson-Paolinelli