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Sulfuric acid as a pickle

Dear all,

I have mentioned this is a past post, but think it’s an interesting
story with this topic.

I had lunch with Ray, my first jewelry teacher last week. He is
turning 98 this summer. Still has it together.

I feel quite honored; he had a box of his tools he gave me to keep
their use going. He gave me a set of golf clubs years ago too, but
that is a different story…

In any event, he apprenticed as a jeweler in the early 1930s to his
best recollection. Whenever we get together I ask as many questions
as I can about how it was at that time.

He said one of his apprentice tasks was to mix pickle when needed.
He said they started with tap water and mixed the sulfuric acid into
it until it became warm. A warm temp was the right amount. This was
all done with his finger. He still has them all. I have no reason to
not believe him. What a living treasure!

Best regards,

Todd Hawkinson
Southeast Technical College