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Suitible solder for electrum

Can anyone tell me a good solder (color match) for a 50:50 silver to
gold alloy of electrum?

Bruce Raper
Studio Goldsmith

I use hard silver solder for my electrum soldering. If I am
soldering a 22k bezel to the surface then I use 18k solder. I try
not to solder, I usually fuse. electum fuses nicely.

Jennifer Friedman - enamellist and jewellry artisan ventura, CA

Hi Bruce,

You will have to make your own solder. But it isn’t too hard to do.
If you add about 1% fine silver to your alloy it should lower the
melting temperature enough to act as a solder for the original alloy.
Cadmium will work even better but it is toxic so you must use very
good ventilation when soldering or melting. Make some solder then
roll out a thin sheet of solder and a piece the original alloy to the
same thickness. Now melt both samples side by side. this trial will
give you a pretty good idea of the melting temperature of the solder
relative to the original alloy. Keep in mind that the lower the
melting temperature of the solder the greater the color difference
will be.

Hope this helps. Good luck.
Jim Miller


14k white in med. and easy work for me. Hard is a little to hot for
that alloy. IMHO.

Mark Thomas Ruby
SunSpirit Designs
Loveland, CO
970 622-9500 studio
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