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Suggestions using EZ Torch

I recently switched from acetylene to propane and use a meco torch
for much of my work. I needed a torch that I could get going fast for
annealing purposes. I bought an EZ torch from Otto Frei and have been
generally happy with it. I do have some concerns about how to adjust
it as no instructions were included. Can anyone pass on suggestions
about how to use the EZ torch, adjust it, what its limitations are
and other general observations. As always, thanks. Rob

Rob Meixner

We call that an Orca in Australia, I’ve been meaning to get one as
well, my friends seem to like it. CIA

These torches are OK.

I have one I bought when waiting for a replacement brazing torch
which runs on propane and bellows. My brazing torch has a pilot light
so I only light it once a day.

The EZ torch has three tips. To anneal, and going fast and annealing
is wrong going gentle and annealing is right, get a gentle flame with
the big tip and slowly paint the metal to annealing colour. There is
an adjustment knob on the back of the torch.

It ain’t rocket science.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply regarding the EZ torch. I have found some
instruction on line that pretty much confirm how I have been using
it. I do use it to anneal and do so in the fashion that you
describe. When I referred to getting it going fast, I was referring
to its handiness compared to what is involved in getting my
propane/O2 torch going.

Thanks again.

I love my EZ torch! However, I recently had to clean out a bunch of
honey-colored mung that was clogging the works. It still isn’t
working quite right, so maybe I need to disassemble even further. I
tend to leave it hooked up to a camping canister all the time-
perhaps not a great idea, but I bleed the hose first. I have to haul
my oxy and propane tanks into the studio when I really need some
heat. But I’ve found that the EZ torch works for most things, and is
great as a second torch when I REALLY need heat.