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Orchid Notice:
{ Y. A. K. }
Please contact the author off list at: @Melinda_Silber

Hi Orchidians

Are there any websites out there that have proven to be successful
ordering systems? Are there any particular websites that you utilise
and benefit from on a frequent basis?

We have recently launched our website, and tried to make it as user
friendly and ‘simple’ as possible, to be an added service we offer.
There are a number of people who have registered, but we have limited
ways of guaging what people feel and think. Our goal is to offer a
quick reference library, so people can navigate and order fast,
without wasting the customers time by calling and asking to have
pictures faxed or e-mailed. Also they get to see whats ‘in-stock’
(with over 1300 items) and not have to wait for back-orders.

If there are any orchidians out there that would like to give us
feedback when they have a moment to spare, it would be greatly
appreciated. Do you have suggestions of stuff to add or even
subtract? What would encourage you to order from the site and would
bring you back?

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this, and anyone dear
enough to respond.