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Stupidest thing on a job envelope?

What is the stupidest thing you have seen on a job envelope?

I asked this on a Facebook group I belong too and the answers were
so amusing, I thought I would ask the same thing here. We could use
a bit of levity, right?

What is the stupidest thing you have seen on a job envelope?

Or, the stupidest request someone asked you to do?

After only 20 years I have way too many to list. I am sure there are
some great stories that need to be shared!

For me, one story started when the owner of the store I worked at
came into the back and loudly asked if anyone knew what a “Prince
Albert” was. I was the only person in the store who knew what he was
talking about so he told me I had a customer waiting at the counter.


It went downhill from there…

Gerald A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

Hi all

sometimes faking ignorance is a good thing

all the best

Okay Gerald, so what IS a “Prince Albert”?

This didn’t happen directly to me but years ago when I worked for one
of thelargest chain stores (they are not anymore) a customer came in
with 3+ ct. tw. diamond cluster ring. The stones ranged in size from
.10 to .25 and I1 at best. The lady asked how much it would cost to
remove all the stones, melt them together into one larger stone and
remove all the flaws/impurities. The store manager said " Sure. Leave
a $500 deposit and I’ll bury it in my backyard for a million years."
He wasn’t the manager long.

Be creative!

This is in an envelope rather than on an envelope and more funny
than stupid. I worked with a woman who from time to time would make
a little spinning contraption with paper clips and a rubber band.
She’s wind it up and put it in one of the job envelopes of an
unsuspecting coworker. It would sit there quietly waiting in the
envelope until the goldsmith grabbed it and squeezed open it the
drop the contents out. When they did the thing would unwind like the
propeller of a plane, as noisy a playing cards in a kids bicycle
spokes! It would scare the heck out of you!


My uncle did that but wrote on teh outside of the plain envelope
no one believed it untill it started moving

david David S. Geller