Stuller workshop review

Just got back from a fun and educational weekend sponsored by
Stuller. We had no idea what the workshop would be like, as this was
our first visit. The bottom line is the whole event blew us away.
What an incredible facility, and the hospitality of Matt Stuller and
his entire crew is absolutely the best - not to mention the Lafayette
LA food. We can’t imagine not doing this on an annual basis. Think
about being able to tap into thousands of hours of R&D, having the
ability to talk to anyone of over a thousand professional employees,
seeing equipment that is the finest, latest and greatest, learning
methods and techniques that are the result of these assets and then
realizing they are all at your disposal! There isn’t a problem they
haven’t solved, a method they haven’t perfected, and there is nothing
they won’t share. They’ll tell you their failures and their
successes, hoping to spare you from the first and point you toward
the latter. We’ve come back home enthused, informed and ready to
begin again, with our batteries fully charged. Put this one on your
calender, you won’t be disappointed. In the meantime - thanks to
eveyone at Stuller, we’ll surely see you next year.

Rgds… Ski & Cathy
Rocks To Gems