Stuller type companies?

Are there other companies like Stuller & Rio Grande out there? I
like them but their silver ring and pendant mountings are liimited
for my cut stones.


Ganoksin’s Guide to Industry Web Sites> Supplies

there are a ton of casting companies and large conglomerates that
sell pre- fabricated mountings. For a fairly detailed list go to the
Lapidary Jopurnal’s site and look under buying guide, or try David
Fell, Hoover and Strong, Handy and Harmon, United Metal, Ross
Refineries, etc. they all have catalogs and friendly 30-90 day net
terms available to business accounts. If you need my personal
recommendations write me…and i’ll be glad to discuss them with you
in detail, off the record. Rio and Stuller tend to be the most

If you want to be politically conscious however, Stuller puts money
into Louisiana’s state budget, so any purchases from them indirectly
supports relief from Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath for the whole of
Southern Louisiana, which i can tell you from 1st hand experience is
DESPERATELY needed. Its a bad situation down there 7 months after the
flood following the hurricane.

Though Stuller is perhaps my least favorite distributor,
manufacturer, etc. there is a very small degree of satisfaction you
can get out of believing your money is going to a good cause…how’s
that for rationale’?

They have a larger selection of silver…

Maryfrances Dunker