Stuller Spring Jewelers Workshop

Does anyone have more on the workshop that Stuller is
having March 31 through April 2? Is this the first year? Who are the
Stuller people involved? There’s something about it on their
website, but my registration has expired. Can someone take a look and
post the details?


Does anyone have more on the workshop that Stuller is
having March 31 through April 2?

The Workshop Itinerary

Friday 1-5pm - Tour of Stuller global headquarters and a
greeting/orientation from Matt Stuller and Chuck Lein. Reception at

Saturday, 8:30am-6pm - Workshops and demonstrations will be held
throughout the day. Complimentary refreshments and lunch will be

Sunday, 8:30am-2pm - Workshops and demonstrations will end at 2pm.
Complimentary refreshments and snacks will be catered.

The workshop will include a registration fee of $130 for the first
person, which can be charged to your Stuller account, and $65 for
each additional person. Please remember space is limited;
registration is on a first come, first-served basis. For questions,
please call 800.877.7777, ext. 2401 or ext. 274.

Stuller has negotiated special rates for accommodations at the
Lafayette Hilton & Towers: (337) 235.6111, and the Hotel Acadiana:
800.826.8386. Stuller is providing shuttle service to and from these
hotels during the workshop. Assistance with travel arrangements is
available from Darlene Harris with Associated Wayfarer Travel:
800.280.5521 or by email at

Steven D. MacDiarmid
Director of Public Relations and Trade Shows
Stuller, Inc.

I'll be at Stuller's Workshop Weekend, I hope to see some of you
there! Kate Wolf 

I’ll be at Stuller’s Workshop Weekend too—I love to meet
Orchidians and put faces together with names…

Cynthia Eid