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Stuller ordering problems

Hi, Orchid,

Is anyone else out there getting annoyed at Stuller’s LONG hold
times when trying to make a phone order? They tell you they are in
the process of upgrading and training and blah blah blah, but it’s
been going on for months now. Very frustrating. I’ve had to wait
as long as 30 minutes listening to that dreadful music. They used
to be the best in phone service, but lately it’s agony. Just had to
vent a little.

-BK in AK


If you have a fax machine, that’s the way to go. I only call in an
order when I have a specific question about a product or need to
know the availability. Stuller also has “on-line” ordering, but
I’ve never used it.

Athens, TN

I experience the same thing, I am lazy because I can e-mail or fax
an order, but I choose to use the phone. I even have an account set
up. So it is up to me to make better use of my time using the options
they give me.

BK in AK

I stopped using Stuller’s phone service over a year ago now. Been
doing all my ordering on line and it works just great. Give it a

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2

Why don’t you just try contacting someone else like…

(A) Rio Grande 1-(800) 545-6566 
(B) Grobet File Co. 1-(800) 847-4188
(C) Otto Frei Company  1-(800) 772-3456

Sincerely, RL in NY


Stuller implemented new software this month. It now takes the
operators longer to process the orders, causing the delays you
mentioned. Prior to that they had been cycling some of their
operators between training and the phones. This is something they
have been preparing for some time. I was down there last April and
they showed me the classrooms that were being used for training.
They also showed me the rows of new cubicles for the additional
operators they had hired and were training. I also watched some of
the people taking orders. It was amazing how fast they flipped
through the different screens to place our orders. The software will
make things easier for us. For instance, you will not have to grab
the stone catalog to look up the number for a certain stone. Just
tell them what stone you need and it’s ordered. The milled gold
stock for sizing, etc. can now be returned for credit. In the end,
it’s going to benefit us. Stuller is well aware they have some
glitches and waiting time issues. New software usually brings it’s
share of problems, so this comes as no surprise. After a couple of
weeks they should have things sorted out. They are working very
hard to solve the problems. I’ve never seen a company more committed
to customer service than Stuller. Please be patient.

Usual disclaimer, not affiliated, just a satisfied customer.

James S. Cantrell CMBJ

    I stopped using Stuller's phone service over a year ago now. 
Been doing all my ordering on line and it works just great.  Give
it a try! 

For my personal orders, I use the on-line service and have had very
few problems with it. The store I work in still calls in orders and
I have noticed the long delays on the phone. I have offered to help
the manager (not especially computer literate) set up the account,
but she seems stuck in the phone age. I hate being on the phone
enought that I have actually sought out the ability to use on line
ordering as often as possible. I also have the luxury, I suppose, of
not usually being in a hurry for my own orders. I usually choose the
2nd day option, and that works fine. In the rare event that I really
need something overnight, I just add it to the store order and it
gets here just fine. Ordering on line also affords me a better
opportunity to review the order before I actually hit the ‘place
order’ button. I know that the phone people will read it back, but
I still like seeing it in print first. I haven’t used the feature
yet, but I also appreciate the idea of being able to add to my order
continually during the day and have it auto send when the cutoff time



It’s not clear just where in the world you are but I moved to WA
State 3 years ago from TX. I found that Stuller has an outlet in
Seattle but no shipping department from there…how strange. I still
have to get things I need out of LA. While in TX the 2nd day thing
almost always got what I needed the next day. Since I’ve been up
here I’ve discovered that if I order online it takes 3 days to get
here and if I call I can usually get it in 2 days.

Once I figured this out, I began ordering on the phone always in
order to guarantee quick turn-around time. Last week it bit me
though, 3 times in the same day I had rings come in for center
heads rather than retips!

Thanks for clarifying the why’s of that…! I guess that if you
order online it doesn’t go til the end of the day, if you order on
the phone it goes right away.



i am not sure where you are in WA but here in Bellingham, I get my
Stuller orders overnight whether they are phone or online as long as
I get them in before closing time . You might check with Stuller and
verify why your orders take so long

Jim Binnion

James Binnion Metal Arts
Phone (360) 756-6550
Toll Free (877) 408 7287
Fax (360) 756-2160

Member of the Better Business Bureau

I order from Stuller almost daily and I have not had any problems
with them answering their phones. Patience is something I do not
have and I can’t recall having problems orderering from them.


I have placed two phone orders with Stuller this week and had an
excellent experience with them. One order was received the very next
day, and the other will be delivered later at my request. I have
always found them patient and helpful and willing to get information
on any questions I ask.


I have been dealing with Stuller for about 10 years. In that time I
have, that I can recall, never been dissatisfied with the reps
greetings, knowledge, or the resulting services. Their service
seems to be built around the idea of treating each customer, small or
large and as individuals with the best service . . . that’s why their
business has continued to grow at the pace it has. Recently, I had
a problem that I knew was beyond the guidelines for any jewelry
supply. I requested and received an accommodation that should not
have been expected. I can only wish that my local supply companies
as well as some of the larger companies would follow the example
provided by Stuller.

I too have felt that the call rep attention has been below their
standard … although not below the standard of other suppliers!
However, having done business with them as long has I have, I accept
that they will, as soon as possible, bring the call service back to
the level it was prior to the software or whatever improvement being

No, I do not work for Schuler’s, own stock, or affiliated in anyway
with the organization except as a very satisfied customer. . .

A little disappointed recently with our 'Fellow Orchidian Jewelers’
relative to ‘Schuller Bashing’. That is; due to their size, phone
responses, etc. Jim