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Stuller findings quality

Hi there.

I used to love Stuller and have been praising their uncompromising
quality up to recently. Not anymore.

I’ve just received another shipment and am again disappointed.
Thinner metal will make for a lower price point, but not better
quality. At the very least, it would be nice to have the choice
between good and cheap.

Any recommendations for a good findings company? I’ve had good
experienceswith Watier Findings in Vancouver, Canada, but am looking
for an additional option.

Thanks, happy smithing

Tripps (
Rio Grande (


Good Afternoon Michaela,

I apologize for your less than excellent experience with our
products. I can assure you Stuller works diligently to maintain a
superior level of quality both in our products and customer service.
If you wouldn’t mind contacting me directly via email at with your issue, I will do my best to remedy

Thank you for your understanding and support. I look forward to
hearing from you.

Stuller Marketing


As I’m in the “GTA-Toronto” area, I have many names for 'findings’
suppliers, contact me off-line…Gerry Lewy

Any recommendations for a good findings company? 

Otto frei

Hi Michaela,

Have you tried Metalliferous? They have an impressive range of
metals and styles to choose from and tell you what gauge you’re
getting. I also have not seen lower prices, and they have a lowest
price guarantee.

The have a store in NYC as well as an online one. They have replaced
the old, notoriously snarky staff with helpful and courteous ones.

Hope that helps!

I’m surprised. I’ve used Stuller for decades and love the quality of
their findings. They offer different weights of findings in some of
their most often used parts, but I always use the heaviest they

Did you by chance order a light weight setting or was there a mix up
at the factory?

Jo Haemer


How about drilling a small hole in the cup bezel at the point where
it’ll make contact with the flat sheet.

Warm regards